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General Sign Service and Beach Neon and Sign have strong histories in the Jacksonville area for the quality of our design professionals.

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Our sign designs begin with various computer software so that every detail can be simulated and checked for fit prior to fabrication.

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Not only do we install what we build but we also install signs for companies that do not have the capabilities to install their own work or are out of town manufactures.

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Signs are your first source of advertisement, they need to work and we understand that at General Sign.

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National Account Management

* We know the implementation of corporate branding is hectic, let us alleviate your concerns by managing your regional, national, or international branding initiative. General Sign has extensive experience at producing a high quality product quickly and efficiently and can help you as you expand or rebrand your corporate look.

* When you enter our National Account Management Program you will be provided with a dedicated and professional project manager to see your project to fruition. That individual will be responsible for taking your idea into reality. We will provide a brand book of various sizes and types of signage for your multiple location branding, which allows for a brand standard for all of your locations. The project manager will be responsible for determining the sign code for each of your locations, land lord criteria, and will oversee the production and installation of your new signage.

* We have the facilities and personnel to manufacture all of your sign needs in house. Our production managers will work with our project managers to make sure each of your locations are handled in a professional manner and that the end product will be something you can be very proud of.

* It would be impractical for our installation crews to operate nationwide. The cost would be astronomical and would be inefficient for a quick change out. In order to make this system work, we operate a large network of subcontractors who are all licensed, insured, and have the capabilities to install your signage nationwide. We coordinate permitting, installation, and service with our network of subcontractors nationwide.

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Additional Services

* We also provide installation services to other national and regional sign vendors in the Northeast Florida and Southeast Georgia area. Please contact us with your project information and we can provide you a fast and efficient service.

* Are you a sign vendor who has a large scale project and cannot meet your manufacturing goals? We can help, ask us about wholesale manufacturing pricing, we may be able to help.

* Additionally, our services are not just limited to signage. We can help you with exterior ambient lighting, parking lot and building lighting, border neon and L.E.D. lighting, and interior cold cathode lighting.

* With a fleet of cranes and boom trucks we can offer crane services in the Northeast Florida and Southeast Georgia area with reach of up to 100’ and capacities of approximately 4000lbs.

* Finally, as a Certified General Contractor, with reciprocity in most U.S. states, we have the ability to provide General Contracting services such as project implementation and overseeing of construction projects both large and small.
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Other sign companies come and go...General Sign is here to stay and has done it all in over 40 years of Business. We are the last full-service Underwriter's Laboratory sign company in Jacksonville. We build our own signage and service what we build. As Certified General Contractors we can pull permits anywhere. We have a full fleet of service and installation trucks with a height of up to 100 ft.